Characteristics of gaming armchairs DXRACER

Both experienced players and novice gamers know that proper furniture helps to increase gaming productivity and performance. DXRacer created enhanced gaming chairs to satisfy specific needs and requirements of those customers, who are passionate about computer games. Each DXRacer gaming chairs series is tailored to certain groups of people. There are three main factors you have to pay attention to while searching for your ideal DXRacer gaming armchair.

SeriesRecommended Body TypesWeight Capacity
Height Limit
Recommended HeightRecommended Weight 
WorkSlim, Average, Athletic220 lbs6'1''5'8''-6''185 lbs
Check Price
ClassicSlim, Average, Athletic,Above average300 lbs6'5'10''-5'11''250 lbs Check Price
BossAthletic,Above average450 lbs6'4''6'-6'2''400 lbs Check Price
EliteSlim, Average180 lbs5'9''5'7''150 lbs Check Price
IronSlim, Average, Athletic275 lbs6'2''5'9-6'1'' 250lbs Check Price
DriftingSlim,Average200 lbs5'10''5'9''170 lbs Check Price

Height, weight and body type

1.1 Why it is important to consider your weight and height to choose proper DXRacer gaming chair

222222222-281x300 Characteristics of gaming armchairs DXRACERPeople are different and one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to DXRacer gaming chairs. It’s extremely important to choose proper DXRacer armchair which will provide your back and neck additional prop during the hours you will spend in front of your PC, so you can stay active and charged with energy and power. DXRacer gaming chairs have higher backrest to support your spinal column and allow you to rest your neck and head and are equipped with additional pads to minimize spinal strain in lumbar and upper limb girdle. Obviously, the proper height of the DXRacer chair back varies in accordance with the gamer’s height.

Body types also have to be considered. Big or athletic people feel more comfortable sitting in capacious DXRacer armchairs with the armrests spaced widely and wide backrest, while slim gamers prefer smaller DXRacer armchairs with the armrests placed closer to the body. So tailor-made DXRacer chair helps to minimize tiredness, improve gameplay and, most crucially, support your musculoskeletal system.
Weight limits are important too, to make sure that DXRacer gaming chair will serve its owner for years. The bigger weight capacity is, the stronger frame and base the DXRacer back chair has.

222222222-281x300 Characteristics of gaming armchairs DXRACER

1.2 Choosing between 6 DXRacer series

SeriesRecommended Body TypesWeight CapacityHeight limitRecommended HeightRecommended Weight
OriginSlim, Average180 bls5'9''5'9''150 lbs Check Price
FormulaSlim, Average200 bls5'10''5'8''180 lbs Check Price
RacingSlim, Average200 bls6'1''5'11''180 lbs Check Price
KingSlim, Average,Athletic300 bls6'2''5'9''-6'6''275 lbs Check Price
Racing(Multy-Function an mech)Slim, Average250 bls6'3''5'8''-6'2''220 lbs Check Price
SentitelSlim, Average,Athletic,Above Average350 bls6'6''6'-6'5''325 lbs Check Price
TankAthletic, Above Average, Large build
450 bls6'7''6'1''-6'6''425 lbs Check Price

DXRacer has the best size chart for the gaming chairs; there are six DXRacer gaming series, each of which is tailored to certain height, weight and body type.

Origin series gaming chairs weight capacity is 180 lbs (recommended weight: 150 lbs) and height limit is 5’9” (recommended height: 5’7”). This DXRacer series is great for the gamers with slim or average body builds, in particular for younger audience.

Formula series is also created for gamers with average height and weight. Its weight capacity is 200 lbs (recommended weight: 180 lbs) and height limit is 5’10” (recommended height: 5’10”)

Racing series has two subseries, both suitable for people with average body-build. For DXRacer Racing Conventional Mech the weight capacity is 200 lbs (recommended weight: 180 lbs) and height limit: 6’1” (recommended height: 5’11”); for DXRacer Racing Multi-Functional Mech the weight capacity is 250 lbs (recommended weight: 220 lbs) and height limit is 6’3” (recommended height: 5’8”-6’2”)

King series is perfect for people with average or athletic body. Its weight capacity is 300 lbs (recommended weight: 275 lbs) and height limit is 6’2” (recommended height: 5’9”-6’2”)

Sentinel series is universal and suits gamers with slim, average, above average and athletic body types. Its weight capacity is 350 lbs (recommended weight: 325 lbs) and height limit is 6’6” (recommended height: 6’6”- 6’6.5”)

Tank series was developed especially for big and tall gamers, who often struggle finding the proper recliner. Its weight capacity is 450 lbs (recommended weight is 425 lbs) and height limit is 6’7” (recommended height is 6’1”-6’6”). Additionally, these DXRacer gaming chairs have strengthened steel frame, additional layer of padding material, and heavy-duty wheels, so this DXRacer series is really durable.

2. Additional features and options of DXRacer back chairs

222222222-281x300 Characteristics of gaming armchairs DXRACEREach DXRacer gaming chairs series has the comprehensive set of useful features to increase the level of comfort, minimize negative effect of long period of inactive sitting to gamers’ health and improve game performance. DXRacer looks after the interests both of customers, who prefer simplicity in everything and those, who likes taking advantages of additional functions.

2.1. Brief listing of 6 DXRacer gaming chairs series functions

Origin series includes the simplest, yet very comfortable ergonomically designed DXRacer chairs with high backrest, small cushions to support head and lumbar, medium-sized soft armrests, and tilt mechanism, that allows the gamer to lay back to 130°. The base of this DXRacer chair is covered with soft nylon, so you can place your feet on it comfortably.

Formula series gaming recliners are completed with whippy headrest and lumbar cushions, soft durable armrests, special nylon footrests located on the base of the chair and, of course, adjustable highly flexible backseat.

Racing series has adjustable soft armrests and backseat with special tilt mechanism, soft nylon pads on the base to rest your feet on, supportive cushions for spine and neck, soft upholstery and whippy padding to provide enhanced level of comfort.

King series is equipped with highly adjustable armrests (rotate, lower or raise, slide forward and back, move outwards and inwards). The backseat is very flexible too and can tilt 170° and rock backward or forward 12°. DXRacer King chairs are equipped with additional pillows to support neck and lumbar.

Sentinel series has higher backrest and wider seat base with angled tilt mechanism, 4-dimensional armrests, adjustable headrest and cushions. Special rocking function allows rocking the seat to any position. DXRacerSentinel is created for taller gamers, so it is highly adjustable series.

Tank series is developed by DXRacer for big people, so it is really wearable, with a strong and wide base. Adjustable 4D armrests, U-shaped headrest, enhanced lumbar support cushion, and footrest-shaped base are also included into DXRacer Tank features set.

222222222-281x300 Characteristics of gaming armchairs DXRACER

3. DXRacer chairs design and overall appearance

222222222-281x300 Characteristics of gaming armchairs DXRACERFor the gamers, who pay attention not only to functionality but also to the overall appearance, DXRacer also has many armchair design options to choose from. DXRacer gaming chairs are presented in various color combinations, from classical all-black, black and white or black in red color schemes, to uncommon black/white/purple or black and pink coloring. For example, OH/FH11 model from DXRacer Formula series is available in 11 different colorways.
As for the overall design, DXRacer successfully combines ergonomic construction and modern exterior to make the back chairs both functional and good-looking.

According to gaming armchairs reviews, both experienced gamers, and experts in game accessories say unanimously, that DXRacer gaming chairs are the most comfortable, customizable and durable ones between all the recliners introduced to the today’s broadest market. Specialized for PC gaming, DXRacer armchairs will make you feel fresh and vigorous. No matter how long does your gaming sessions last, with DXRaceryou’ll stay full of energy all the time.

Matching color lumbar and/or headrest cushions. Even if the cushions are not showing up in the product's pictures, you can check the product description to confirm which cushion comes with your model.222222222-281x300 Characteristics of gaming armchairs DXRACER
Footrest shaped base allows you to rest your feet comfortably on the base. The base's color matches the rest of the chair.222222222-281x300 Characteristics of gaming armchairs DXRACER
Adjustable armrests. There are different types of adjustable armrests and 1 fixed armrest. Click here to get more details about the armrests.222222222-281x300 Characteristics of gaming armchairs DXRACER
12 adjustable backseat positions allow you to lay the back of the gaming chair up to 135° (120° on some models)222222222-281x300 Characteristics of gaming armchairs DXRACER
Adjustable height using the specially designed handle allowing you to quickly adjust your chair.222222222-281x300 Characteristics of gaming armchairs DXRACER
Ergonomic design allowing you to sit comfortably for long gaming hours without causing any back pains or discomfort.222222222-281x300 Characteristics of gaming armchairs DXRACER
Can support up to 450 lbs depending on the Series.222222222-281x300 Characteristics of gaming armchairs DXRACER
Lifetime warranty on the frame, 2 year warranty on parts and 1 year for the accessories provided by the manufacturer.
222222222-281x300 Characteristics of gaming armchairs DXRACER
Free shipping to the contiguous U.S.*. Since our gaming chairs are shipped directly from the United States, there are no customs/duty fees.
222222222-281x300 Characteristics of gaming armchairs DXRACER

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