Armchairs for relaxation series Classic and Formula

Apart from PC gaming chairs, DXracer collection includes a limited line of console chairs. As the name implies, these DXracers are designed for console gaming. In the product range of DXracer these models are also classified as relaxing series, as they are perfect for relaxing in a reclining posture and even sleeping.

General distinctive features of relaxing chairs from DXracer are the following:

  • smaller overall height without possibility of height adjusting;
  • non-adjustable armrests and headrest;
  • softer seats and backrests providing a greater comfort.

The product line of DXracer console chairs is rather limited; they are found only in two DXracer series – Formula and Classic. In our review we’ll compare two models - FS/FA99/NR (Formula series) and SF/CA120/N (Classic series) and try to define, which DXracer is better.

Formula Series (FS/FA99/NR model)

Design and Build Quality

222222222-281x300 Armchairs for relaxation series Classic and FormulaFS/FA99/NR DXracer model is available in black & red. It looks cozy and extremely comfortable, making you fall in love with it at first sight. Softer than usual cushions (non-typical for DXracer) combined with a 5-point body support, a U-shaped backrest and medium-sized “wings” hugging you on both sides make it really comfortable. Thanks to an adjustable reclining angle of the DXracer chair, one can choose an ideal position for playing, reading, relaxing or sleeping. 360 degrees swivel function adds flexibility to the DXracer.

Build quality is typical for DXracer – a solid nylon base can bear a load of 265 pounds. A surface made of PU leather of high quality is soft and very pleasant to touch. Better durability of this DXracer chair is ensured by a full-size frame inside it.


  • Overall height: 44.5 inches, unadjustable;
  • Maximum reclining angle: 150 degrees;
  • Armrests: non-adjustable, resilient;
  • Surface: PU leather;
  • Height/weight limits: 5.58 ft./265 lbs;
  • Accessories supplied: brand DXracer cushions for head and lumber support.

FS/FA99/NR DXracer has some obvious advantages. In particular, the following ones are worth mentioning.

Medium price of about $300 – not bad for a DXracer.

At the same time, this DXracer model has some downsides. The most frequently mentioned ones are the following.

  • Great materials used. PU leather of FS/FA99/NR DXracer looks really nice, and what is even more important, it preserves its original look even after years of intensive use. High-quality foam used as filler of this DXracer prevents deformation of the seat.
  • A big reclining angle with a possibility of locking the angle in any intermediate position.
  • An excellent body support. This DXracer chair really “holds” you on all sides, providing a maximum comfort. Soft but resilient foam remembers the shape of your body. As a result, you can spend hours in FS/FA99/NR DXracer without feeling any discomfort.
  • Original DXracer pillows for better lumber and head support. You can use or not use them, according to your own preferences.
  • Medium size. If you are taller than 5.8 ft, DXracer FS/FA99/NR will be too small for you.
  • No possibility of adjusting the chair height. It makes this DXracer less flexible.
  • Non-adjustable arms.

Classic Series (SF/CA120/N Model)

Design and Build Quality

222222222-281x300 Armchairs for relaxation series Classic and FormulaThis all-black DXracer has a very unusual design. Instead of a typical 4- or 5-wheeled base it features a rigid non-wheeled steel base with a steel tube for foot support. The chair is soft enough with a built-in headrest cushion and an interesting braided pattern on the backrest. Side “wings” are not as prominent as in the previous model. Adjustable reclining angle offers a good flexibility.

Build quality of this DXracer is superb. Metal frame construction provides perfect durability. As for surface, it combines high-quality PU leather and leather-like vinyl.


  • Overall height: 46.4 inches, unadjustable;
  • Maximum reclining angle: 135 degrees;
  • Armrests: non-adjustable, resilient;
  • Filler: open-cell cold-cure foam;
  • Surface: PU leather & vinyl;
  • Height/weight limits: 6.3 ft./300 lbs;
  • No accessories supplied.

SF/CA120/N apparently stands out from other DXracers. If we compare it with the previous DXracer, we can single out the following advantages.

At the same time this Classic series DXracer has certain disadvantages as well.

  • Bigger size. It suits to people of up to 6.3 ft and 300 lbs. The chair itself is higher and wider, which together with a sort of square design makes this DXracer look more massive.
  • Extreme durability. A steel non-wheeled base and an inner full-size steel frame are literally ageless.
  • Perfect body support. The filler of this DXracer is an open-cell cold-cure foam, which is used in aircraft seats manufacturing. This “clever” foam distributes the pressure evenly, providing the highest level of comfort.
  • Cool design. It has a really unusual for a DXracer appearance.
  • It is less flexible than the previous DXracer in many respects. No replaceable accessories, no wheels and a less reclining angle (135 degrees against 150) limit its possibilities.
  • It is expensive. It costs almost $500, so the difference in price is about $200, which substantial even for DXracer.
  • It can seem bulky in a small room.

DXracer Formula vs DXracer Classic

As you see, both DXracers are great. But due to some distinctive features, they provide completely different gaming and relaxing experience. Of course, the best way of making choice is testing both DXracer options and comparing our own impressions. But if there is no such opportunity, we have to rely on figures and independently existing features. So, all in all in our today’s review, DXracer Formula series have gained more scores.

The main features determining the win of DXracer Formula are better flexibility and a lower price. It is a relatively inexpensive, yet comfortable and versatile DXracer relaxing chair, which is perfect both for gaming or napping.

Of course, DXracer Classic has a much more premium touch. It features incredible durability and superb materials. If you are ready to spend extra $200 for this, nobody will stop you. But is it really worth it?

222222222-281x300 Armchairs for relaxation series Classic and Formula

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