Series commodious armchairs DXRACER for your office

The collection of DXRacer chairs includes many kinds of professional and gaming chairs. Customer of any height and build can choose the most convenient model for them in a great variety of the DXRacer chairs.

Every series of DXRacer office chairs comes with these two characteristics: traditional design and super-reliable construction. Height-adjustable armrests, adjustable gas lever, back and seat tilting gear give an opportunity to create a unique chair that can fit all your needs. More than that, all DXRacer office chairs provide comfortable and ergonomic sitting for working without any backache.

Our review will introduce you with the variety of DXRacer office chairs and help you to choose the best one for you.

SeriesRecommended Body TypesWeight Capacity
Height Limit
Recommended HeightRecommended Weight 
WorkSlim, Average, Athletic220 lbs6'1''5'8''-6''185 lbs
Check Price
ClassicSlim, Average, Athletic,Above average300 lbs6'5'10''-5'11''250 lbs Check Price
BossAthletic,Above average450 lbs6'4''6'-6'2''400 lbs Check Price
EliteSlim, Average180 lbs5'9''5'7''150 lbs Check Price
IronSlim, Average, Athletic275 lbs6'2''5'9-6'1'' 250lbs Check Price
DriftingSlim,Average200 lbs5'10''5'9''170 lbs Check Price

1. DXRacer Boss Series – Big Chair for Big and Tall Guys

DXRacer-Boss-Series-1-281x300 Series commodious armchairs DXRACER for your officeCompared with other models, the DXRacer Boss Series chairs have less racing flair which affects their ergonomic characteristics positively. Also this series is developed for people of 6’2’’-6’5’’ in height and 425 LBs in weight. But the DXRacer Boss Series chairs are among the most expensive models of DXRacer product range. The OH/BF120 is a wonderful representative of this series.


The OH/BF120 has the standard exterior of DXRacer Boss Series chairs: a high backrest, a strong five-point steel base with a gas spring, adjustable armrests and heavy duty tilt mechanism. This DXRacer model comes with a built-in headrest without a cutout and ergonomic cushion for lumbar support. Five polyurethane wheels with rubber flashings make the chair move quiet and gentle and give it reliable stability.

  • Big size – for hefty individuals only;
  • Easy setup;
  • Durability;
  • Highly ergonomic;
  • Office chair look.
  • Too expensive;
  • “Break-in” period because of firm cushioning;
  • Feels bulky;
  • Too big – for smaller guys.

Verdict: The DXRacer Boss Series chairs are the best option for customers with big built only. If you’re less than 6’ tall, you won’t feel comfortable. In this case you should take a closer look at the other series of DXRacer office chairs.

2. DXRacer Classic Series – Classic Look and Classic Set of Functions

DXRacer-Boss-Series-1-281x300 Series commodious armchairs DXRACER for your officeThe DXRacer Classic Series is designed for customers who prefer strict office design to car-racing style of chairs. The DXRacer Classic Series combines the technological advantages of DXRacer and the classic exterior of the office chair. The DXRacer Classic Series chairs are manufactured for people of average build: not more than 5’10” in height and 225 pounds in weight. Let’s review the model CBJ120/FT and find out whether there are any advantages over other DXRacer office chairs.


The OH/CS120/N/FT matches office space best of all thanks to its classic look. This model has the following features: plastic adjustable armrests, a built-in headrest without cutouts, a built-in cushion for lumbar support and lack of side ridges on the backrest and seat panel. Highly supportive padding with foam doesn’t let chairs to wear down. More than that, OH/CS120/N/FT DXRacer model comes with an adjustable leg rest.

  • Executive classic look;
  • Comfortable seating place;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Moderate price.
  • Weight and height restriction;
  • A little bit more expensive compared to other DXRacer chairs;
  • “Break-in” period because of firm cushioning.

Verdict: The OH/CS120/N/FT is absolutely perfect for customers who value comfort at a reasonable price. The adjustable leg rest gives one more added benefit to this DXRacer Classic Series model. But buying the DXRacer Classic Series chairs isn’t an adequate choice if you’re taller than 5’10” in height and 225 LBs in weight.

DXRacer-Boss-Series-1-281x300 Series commodious armchairs DXRACER for your office

3. DXRacer Work Series – Simple Design for Hefty Customers

DXRacer-Boss-Series-1-281x300 Series commodious armchairs DXRACER for your officeThe DXRacer Work Series chairs come with bigger casters, an adjustable seat, a wider seat panel and a backrest in comparison with some of the other DXRacer chairs. Such a design is absolutely perfect for big-boned people. Fans of mid-range racing cars will certainly love the exterior of the DXRacer Work Series chairs. Let’s consider in details its OH/WZ06/NC as an example of the DXRacer Work Series.


The OH/WZ06/NC model has a standard set of functions of other DXRacer chairs such as adjustable armrests, a gas lever and a reliable tilt mechanism. The OH/WZ06/NC comes with a large angle adjuster – 135 degrees. But you won’t find built-in pillows and cushions for head and lumbar support; the width of the seat panel and backrest gives another sort of comfort that is surely suitable for some people. Weight and height limits of this DXRacer chair are 185 LBs and 6’0” respectively.

  • Executive style;
  • Moderate price;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Big size.
  • Absence of tilt angle lock;
  • Fairly large (for guys under 6’0”).

Verdict: The OH/WZ06/NC model of DXRacer Work Series is a wonderful option for big-boned people who prefer a simple design without excessive details.

4. DXRacer Elite Series – Classy, Comfy but Uncostly

DXRacer-Boss-Series-1-281x300 Series commodious armchairs DXRACER for your officeThe DXRacer Elite Series is the latest engineering model of the DXRacer company. The core characteristics of the DXRacer Elite Series chairs include their affordable price and minimalist design with sleek elements without compromising on high quality and durability. Compared to Boss and Work Series the DXRacer Elite Series chairs are smaller in size and that’s why recommended weight and height are 150lbs and 5’9’’ respectively. Let’s review the OH/EA01/NW and find out if it’s worth buying.


The DXRacer OH/EA01/NW model is an outstanding example of traditional executive design of the DXRacerElite Series. It’s highly comfortable for persons who don’t see office chairs without an integrated headrest pillow and lumbar cushion (which is free and can be put away if necessary). Some customers may like the pocket in the backseat.

  • Affordable price;
  • Minimalist and sleek design;
  • Pleasant perforated leather-like vinyl padding;
  • Average size (not only big guys should have comfortable chairs);
  • Bonus headrest and lumbar support cushions.
  • Firm seats;
  • Weight and height limits.

erdict: This DXRacer Elite Series is designed for people who prefer minimalist design together with unrivaled level of comfort. But if you don’t fall into the category of short and average users, it’s better to choose another series of DXRacer chairs.

5. DXRacer Driffting Series – Perfect for Overtime Work

DXRacer-Boss-Series-1-281x300 Series commodious armchairs DXRACER for your officeThe DXRacer Driffting Series chairs are distinct in side wings for back support, high backrest, one horizontal slit on the headrest and the possibility to adjust arms in 8 positions. Maximum seat size is perfect for not very tall users. Let’s see into the core specialties of the OH/DF73/NW as one of the best the DXRacerDriffting Series representatives.


The straight back of the OH/DF73/NW DXRacer comes with free bonus cushions that let users to take any comfortable position. This very DXRacer model is a perfect match for persons who have to spend much time at the computer: the reliable tilt angle lock and rocking angle adjustment raise the comfort to the next level. Weight and height limits of this DXRacer are 200 LBs and 5’10” respectively.

  • Highly ergonomic design;
  • Breathable backrest and seat panel material;
  • Wide pads;
  • Rocking angle adjustment;
  • Average price;
  • Tilt angle lock.
  • Too hard;
  • Reclining limitations;
  • Weight and height limits.

Verdict: The DXRacer Driffting Series chairs are a great option for users of short and average height. And the OH/DF73/NW DXRacer model is absolutely perfect for those who like rocking while working or gaming.

6. DXRacer Iron Series – for Fans of Racecar-like Design

DXRacer-Boss-Series-1-281x300 Series commodious armchairs DXRACER for your officeThe unique trait of the DXRacer Iron Series chairs among the other DXRacer office chairs is their racing flair. “Racing” stripes in the coloring, cutouts in the headboard, large side wings – these are the peculiarities of the DXRacer Iron Series chairs. Foam used for padding makes sitting very comfortable and soft. The OH/IS133/FT is a good pattern of this DXRacer series to review.


The OH/IS133/FT DXRacer is a wonderful example of ultra-comfortable computer chairs. It comes with sliding leg rest that enhances the comfort level and lets users rest while working or gaming. Like other chairs of the DXRacer Driffting Series the OH/IS133/FT has a strong aluminium base that increases chair capacity. Its weight and height limits are 275 LBs and 6’1” respectively.


  • adjustability;
  • Soft seats;
  • Adjustable leg rest;
  • Big size;
  • Strong mesh;
  • Cool design.

  • narrow for hefty individuals;
  • Sufficiently high price.

Verdict: Comfortable soft seats, racecar-like design with side wings and cutouts, easy adjustability and a leg rest – think about these features of the DXRacer Iron Series chairs when you’re trying to make a final decision. The DXRacer Iron Series chair can become your ideal option. But if you have any reservations about this series, use a DXRacer comparison table to find your best DXRacer chair.

DXRacer-Boss-Series-1-281x300 Series commodious armchairs DXRACER for your office


No doubt, every series of DXRacer chairs deserve attention. Their high backs, deep seats, adjustable arms and reliable base foundation let the DXRacer company find a great number of golden customers. But among its wide array of models, our choice is the DXRacer Classic Series with its OH/CS120/FT model. Executive classic look, ergonomic design, highly comfortable seating place at a moderate price – all these features make the OH/CS120/FT DXRacer model perfect for hours-long office working or gaming.

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